Learning to Love Again…

When we think love, we often think of someone else being in the picture. True love and happiness comes from within. It’s so hard to think that we don’t need anyone else to be happy. After one of the most traumatic things in my life, I lost all confidence in myself. I began to hate myself. I didn’t see any reason to love myself. No one else seemed to love me so how could I love me? Truth is, what people think doesn’t matter and shouldn’t ever matter or change your opinion about yourself. 

Not until recently did I understand the phrase, “true happiness is about being happy with yourself”. I fooled myself for so long into thinking that I loved myself because of the compliments other people gave me and the way my significant other made me feel. I had created my own problem. I needed someone constantly in my life to love me and show me love because I couldn’t love myself. I was trying to get the love of someone else to make up for the love and happiness that I lacked. But, this didn’t help my problem. It only made it worse. 

It took heart break to see my problem. When someone didn’t feel the same way that I felt and used me, it opened my eyes. After the heart break, I went out and let loose to have fun and forget. It started a streak. I started going out with friends and not worrying about what other people thought. I started worrying about myself, not someone else. I started to love myself again. Sometimes, I think with the way life is, we need to just let loose and focus on us. Let go. Stop worrying about the world. Worrying puts wrinkles in all the wrong places. Enjoy this life. Breathe for once. Take time for yourself and love. 

So, I leave you with this quote, “One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.” – Brigitte Nicole  


A healing process…

Talking is a major part to a healing process. We all want someone to talk to, especially when we’re alone. For some, staying busy or active is enough to rid themselves of the issue. I see this as ignoring the problem for as long as possible until the inevitable happens. For most, we want the satisfaction of knowing someone is actually listening and cares enough to listen. Not only is the listening part of it but the response can be everything. Someone’s response can make it or break it.

This is my healing process. In my process, I hope maybe to help others accomplish or overcome things in their life that may be causing more obstacles than are needed. I hope to have some join me in my journey in my healing process.

No one wants to be alone.